Our Story – Secret Roll Club
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Our Story

The "Secret Roll Club" or SRC as it is commonly referred to by it's original members, came about as a response to the archaic jiu-jitsu rules of extreme loyalty to one's team. 

It used to be that, as a jiu-jitsu practitioner, whichever school you were a member of, was the only school that you could practice at, without being frowned upon by teammates and instructors.

Many schools still subscribe to the belief that somehow, as a student, if you train at another school, it is disrespectful to your instructor, or not loyal to your team or school. There are even schools who will not allow their students to train at other places. 

Even to this day, high level black belts who have been guest instructors at SRC, and have been training since the early '90s in the US, tell us that they still get badmouthed by former training partners for training at schools outside of their original network.

The times are changing, and the jiu-jitsu community as a whole is becoming more open-minded about this topic, and SRC is at the fore-front of this movement.

SRC began as a gathering of friends in NYC who weren't allowed to train at other schools, and felt that their jiu-jitsu was being limited by this outdated belief. Wishing to expand their Jiu-Jitsu knowledge, the members began to invite friends and others in their Jiu-Jitsu network to come and train with them, and the gathering began to turn into a NYC invite-only underground open-mat. Training with others was so heavily disliked by their academy, that people caught training outside the academy had been kicked out in the past. As such, all of this was done in secret - hence, the Secret Roll Club.

As time went on, the members of the SRC wished to expand their Jiu-Jitsu horizons, and began visiting and training at other schools in secret. Each time they went to another dojo, and explained their situation, they were graciously greeted with open arms and invited to come back at any time. As SRC grew, they began filling entire open mats at schools around NYC. Soon, SRC began hosting its own secret open mats not just in NYC, but in other cities as well.

As SRC began to be hosted at many different locations across the city, it began to connect and unite grapplers from different schools, and it slowly turned into its modern-day iteration:

A secret underground jiu-jitsu open mat series, that moves across schools all over the US and the world.

The World is Our Dojo.

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