SRC End of Year Party (Dec 8) – Secret Roll Club
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SRC End of Year Party (Dec 8)

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 The SRC End of Year Party! We want to celebrate all of the awesomeness that has happened the past year. So we're putting together one of our biggest events yet! No, really, we have space for over 100 people! 

We'll have a Mobility Session/Warmup, over a dozen brown and black belt instructors from NY/NJ, sponsored giveaways, another SRC Battles, Poke & Acai at the event, and of course a live DJ! Plus we'll be adding even more during the coming weeks!

We will have tons of prizes at the event, and we're going to be doing something a little special for our hardcore SRC attendees - seriously some of y'all have been to like 8 events in a row 😂

We want to celebrate not only our loyal SRC goers, but also all of the dojos who have supported us along the way! So we're bringing all those instructors TO the event, and each will drop a technique on you! We're still confirming even MORE instructors, and we have 3 secret surprise guests for you ;)

On top of that, we want this to be a big shindig. Everything will be covered in your ticket price. Acai & poke bowls, our awesome DJ, a mobility workshop with our man Steven Venegas, the prizes & giveaways from our sponsors, all of the awesome moves you're about to learn (do yourself a favor & bring a notebook!) and we're going to do another SRC Battles (each team from a different borough) to mix it up and have even more fun!

This event will be LOCATED NEAR Washington Sq. Park in Manhattan.

** Please note we are trying to pack even more fun into this event, and will be updating and adding more information as we get closer to the date.**


***P.S. We're running a giveaway contest with tons of great prizes! Check it out here: ***

Can't wait to celebrate with YOU!

<3 SRC


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