SRC 38: Oceanside, LI NY (Feb 25) – Secret Roll Club
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SRC 38: Oceanside, LI NY (Feb 25)

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 Sunday February 25, 2018 // 12PM-3PM

12PM Yoga
12:30PM Jiu-Jitsu
1:30PM Giveaway
2PM More Jiu-Jitsu!
3PM - Go home and get ready for the next SRC!


The location of SRC is kept hidden until the day of the event. Ticket purchasers will receive an email with the location 3 days before, as well as a reminder the day before.

The location will be near Oceanside Long Island. 1 hour from NYC. Parking & Showers available!

Local transportation: 10 minutes from nearby LIRR Station.


Live DJ // Free Acai bowls by Acai Exotic // Free Muffins by Badass Muffins // Free Gin Bao ginger drinks by Mr. Mak's

Giveaway sponsored by Superare / Monkey Tape / Pit TKO Deodorant


What to Expect:

Wake Up & get ready for a fun afternoon of jiu-jitsu!

Fitness Yoga, Mobility, or Massage Therapy. We like to incorporate a holistic approach to training, and share that with you at events!

Epic Open Mat Get your Roll On! Our main event brings people together from different dojos and cities! Lots of new people = exciting rolls. Add in a live DJ and swag giveaways, and you've got 2+ hours of awesome vibes on the mats!

Free Sips & Snacks Acai Bowls, Healthy Juices, & Snacks

Music Live DJ's and local bands keep up the energy and the fun while you roll.

Community Together, we help grow the culture and leave more connected.

(Don't be afraid to make new friends! And network!)

One More Time Experience the good vibes when you keep showing up!

Facebook Event:


Events Sell Out! Sign Up Early & Don't Miss Out! 

*Kids Under 12 Train Free*

No Politics // Fun Rolls // New Training Partners // Gi & No Gi // All are welcome regardless of school, academy, or affiliation // See you on the Mat!


Secret Roll Club is all about bringing the jiu-jitsu community together in an environment free of politics, and full of fun! Rolling, live music, cool people, and fun local food and snacks. What more could you ask for?

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