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#SRCsummer starts off with a BANG! 💥

Posted on July 06 2017

#SRCsummer is in full effect! In June we had 2 great events, SRC 53 in the Bronx with Fernando Reals and SRC 54 in Lyndhurst NJ at the SubForce Academy.


SRC 53 was off the chain! We’ve been hinting and promising a Bronx event for a while now - mostly because there are so many dope people in the Bronx always supporting us and bringing such awesome vibes to our events!


So were really excited to partner up with the BX’s own Fernando Reals, who on top of being a teacher & counselor at Christopher Columbus HS in the Bronx, runs a jiu-jitsu program for the teens at his school. The program is all about giving a creative outlet through jiu-jitsu, giving young men and women something positive to do through the martial arts. We all know the incredible benefits that Jiu-Jitsu has had on our lives! And what Fernando is doing with his program is even more incredible! 


In planning an event in the Boogie Down, we knew we wanted it to be special, and doing a fundraiser for this program was definitely how we wanted to do it. On top of that, Fernando managed to get us into his High School! Not only was the event going to benefit the program, we were going to be able to have people come from across the city to roll in Christopher Columbus HS, and roll with the teens! It was an incredible event, and we had some instructors from Lotus come through, and they even offered to show some techniques! It was a wonderful event, and we were able to raise over $1000 for Fernando’s program! (Nice job #SRCcommunity 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽)


Later in the month, SRC 54 at Sub Force was great! We teamed up with Show the Art and had a rocking event! It was great having our second Jersey event! We had familiar people from NYC, as well as lots of new faces from Jersey. We even had one teenager come all the way down from Canada! (No, really. This actually happened. What a boss!)


July started with a BANG! 💥

No seriously, this past weekend Sayer and Tama were in Arizona, and teamed up with Gordon Kimura and his squad from inverse jiu-jitsu to put on an amazing weekend. On Saturday, Tama held a great seminar, and then on Sunday was a four-hour SRC! We had people come from all across Tucson, and other parts of Arizona, as well as from other states like Colorado and California! The ambassadors felt incredible vibes and energy, and the Tucson BJJ community was incredible welcoming and friendly. They showed us the sights, had us over for a house/pool party, and we even went out to eat and see a movie after. It was an epic SRC weekend! Sayer rolled the whole time with about 30-40 people in a row (needless to say he didn’t feel great the next day), and we had acai bowls at the event, plus a dope local DJ was spinning and he jumped in for some rolls as well!


Two days later, Erik & Gabe put on an amazing SRC 4th of July event in NYC at Gabe’s school, the Dojo NYC! It was great to have people come through from different gyms across the city as well as Long Island to get some holiday rolls in. It’s always great to see the energy and friendliness you guys bring to the mats. We saw many of you roll with new people and make new friends - that’s one of the best parts for us. Plus, Matt’s band Think NYC came through and played live at the event, on top of having a DJ!


Phew! And that was just the first week of July! The summer isn’t over yet! July 23 we have our Philadelphia event, where there will be poke to eat, and then early August we have our Southampton event in NY (Matt’s band will be playing live again!) - our Long Island peeps have been asking us when we’re coming out! Well now you know! 😉😉


Can’t wait to blow this summer out of the water, and then show you guys what we have planned for the rest of the year!🙊


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