SRC 47 - Secret Roll Club Open Mat @ The Grappling Club NYC
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SRC 47 - Secret Roll Club Open Mat @ The Grappling Club NYC

Posted on November 22 2016

PJ, our Chief Ambassador at SRC, invited me along with one of our other Ambassadors, to this place called The Grappling Club. I had never heard of it, but he told me it was in Williamsburg, and I loved the name. It just sounded so cool. The Grappling Club. I love hype. And PJ hyped this place up. He told me it was gorgeous on the inside, and he was right.

PJ had already taken a class there, and the head instructor Alex Bednenko had invited him back for another. We drove over, and I was amazed by how classy the inside was, and how welcoming Alex was. We joined the Friday night open mat, which Alex let us take complimentary. 

Alex and I started speaking, and he told me a story that I've heard far too often - a story of how his professor politely asked Alex to leave because he was training at other schools. When I told Alex about SRC, he was immediately interested in hosting an event that was all about bringing people together through jiu-jitsu, in it's most simple form - just having people roll.

That's what the art is all about. It's not about teams. It's not about points. It's not about where you can train and who you can train with. It's not about BJJ politics forbidding you from having fun. It's about training as much as you can, with as many people as you can, to get as good as you can. And that's what SRC is all about - allowing people to roll, meet new people, and have as much fun as possible through Jiu-Jitsu.

So we set a date, and invited a bunch of people. We kept the location a secret. Then the Team at SRC went to work making the event as cool as possible.

This was one of the first events we did that the general public knew about. Up until now it's been invite only. But enough of our jiu-jitsu friends convinced us that we needed to make this more available to people. That the jiu-jitsu community was in need of something like this. The SRC squad did a great job promoting - there were emails, texts, Facebook posts, dope Instagram pics, the whole nine. 

And then somewhere along the way I got introduced to Abraham Marte. He saw a picture of SRC on my laptop, and said "you're with SRC!?"

I said, "Why yes. Yes I am."

And just like that he was interested in coming! Now we had a super secret surprise guest! For years we've had secret invite only open mats, and we've invited people to come roll. And we love having high level people from all over who come and roll with us. But this was different. This was our first event that wasn't invite only. And it was great timing that we could have a high level guest come roll. (We like to call them 'Guest Rollers').

So the day of SRC 47 comes, and we did what we set out to do. We had a bunch of people show up from all over - all 5 boroughs, Long Island, Connecticut, you name it! We had fun rolling. No one cared about where you were from. What team you were a part of. About points or rules. They just rolled. It was a sight to behold.

And then Abraham Marte showed up, taught some sick closed guard techniques I've never seen, and rolled with a bunch of the people who showed up! A bunch of people who couldn't take pics for fear of getting kicked out of their respective schools sat on one side of the mat, everyone else sat on the other so we could take photos. There was a T-Shirt giveaway, there were laughs, there were smiles. There was soap for the showers, there was a limited edition T-Shirt.

Everyone had a great time. So much so that we decided to partner up with Abraham & the Park Slope Academy of BJJ to do a seminar! (More on that here)

We want to thank everyone who came out, everyone who purchased a ticket, everyone who helped us spread the word, invite their friends, and make this a great event.

SRC 47 Group Picture

And for our next trick: Our December Secret Open Mat in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 
(You can sign up for SRC 48 here)


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