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SRC 49 - Secret Open Mat @ The Dojo NYC

Posted on January 24 2017

So we killed 2016 with an incredible open mat. I mean we're not bragging, that's what everyone who went to SRC 48 told us! Over 45 people showed up to roll, it was awesome!

We wanted to start 2017 fresh, and do a new area, so DJ Danny told us about this spot in Queens that he had been to previously. He said it was called 'The Dojo' and he knew one of the instructors, Gabe, pretty well. We already loved the name, so a couple of Ambassadors went to roll, check out the vibe, and speak to Gabe, one of the main instructors there. Gabe was totally on board with the idea of having a space for jiu-jitsu free of politics.

So we set a date, got all the info ready, and launched SRC 49, the first SRC of 2017, and the first event in Queens. 15 days later, we sold out! We couldn't believe it! Usually the week before the event we push hard to promote the event, but we were sold out 4 days from the event, and without a big push. So we want to say thank you to everyone spreading the word about SRC, and inviting their friends and training partners!

We did a lot of behind the scenes work to make this event even better than the last. We tightened up on some things, brought some new people on board with fresh ideas, and did a little extra planning to make sure the event ran smooth.

Something we want to focus on more this year is giving back to the community, and we wanted to start right away.  We were super excited about our canned food drive that we did for this event! We collected over 50 cans of food to donate, so again, thank you to everyone who came, and who donated!

The event was great, with well over 40 people on the mat training, and DJ Danny & DJ Amore providing some great music to roll to. Everyone was smiling and having a good time, and having some good rolls! It was such a cool vibe, and it was great to see people from so many different academies hanging out, having a good time, and training together!

Halfway through, we had to take a break and open the doors to let all the steam out! And of course, we gave away some swag from Pride Clothing, who sponsored the giveaway and sent us some very cool hats & T-shirts. We always select a few winners at random, so you never know what you might win!

Thanks again to The Dojo NYC for being such great hosts! Definitely check them out!

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