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SRC 48 - Secret Open Mat @ Masterskya

Posted on December 16 2016

A couple of SRC Ambassadors stopped by Masterskya on one chilly Friday evening, and were welcomed by Alex Ecklin, the Vitor Shaolin black belt who runs the school. We had a little bit of fun with Sumo Friday, before we learned some nice techniques, and got some good rolls in.

We loved Alex's story. He was tired of jiu-jitsu politics, but in a slightly different way from us. He was tired of the pricing structures of many jiu-jitsu gyms - often with high monthly prices, and long contracts.

Alex responded to this with Masterskya, which is a donation based jiu-jitsu Dojo. We haven't seen any other donation based schools, so we'll even go as far as to say that he's the first (in NYC anyway). You can read more about Masterskya here.

Something else that got us excited was that the address for Alex's dojo isn't public knowledge. It's not on the website, and it's not easily found through a google search. We couldn't pass up doing an SRC at a school with a secret location! This allowed us to invite a lot of people who we enjoy training with, tell them the name of the school, and not ruin the secret location.

We set out to make this event huge! We wanted it to be the biggest event of the year. So each of the ambassadors invited their friends & training partners. I invited my friend Danny to come and DJ at the event, and get some rolls in. We wanted to do a big giveaway, so we reached out to Gi Tak at VHTS, who brought some hats and rash guards, and we brought a couple of gis with us.

Of course, no event ever goes 100% smooth. Each one has its minor setbacks. For this SRC, we had to scramble last minute (literally 30 minutes before go time) to find a replacement speaker for the DJ. But we managed to start on time. Over 45 people were on the mat to roll! It was nice and steamy. Someone had the genius idea of doing the picture in the middle of the open mat, instead of at the end when people have already left. So we stopped and took a dope group photo, then went back to rolling. Then after 2 hours of rolling, we had a nice giveaway, complete with tossing hats frisbee style into the crowd. And then, there was more rolling after that! All in all, there were over 20 rounds of jiu-jitsu, both in the gi, and no-gi. 

This was the most successful SRC event yet! We're looking forward to doing more great secret jiu-jitsu open mats in 2017, so be on the lookout! There will be some charity events, some women-only events, maybe even some outdoor events, who knows ;)

Until then, happy holidays and enjoy your time with your family!


See you on the mats (next year)!

P.S. - We'll be doing a 7-part recap of our week long trip to Brazil, so make sure you check out the blog again soon!




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