Secret Roll Club // SRC 51 Recap
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Secret Roll Club // SRC 51 Recap

Posted on May 04 2017

Last Sunday was amazing! We held our first Secret Roll Club event in Manhattan! And what an event! We had over 60 people from across the city, come together in a politics-free environment, and enjoy some good old fashioned rolling!


Our event was hosted by our good friends at Church Street Boxing, an iconic staple of the NYC boxing scene! It’s a little piece of history, and we made a little bit of history, bringing together the gentle art of jiu-jitsu with the noble art of boxing. It was a pleasure to have an event hosted in a place with such rich history. You could see it on the walls, plastered with murals, old fight posters, flyers, and pictures from a not-so-distant past. 


Once you walk down several flights of stairs beneath NYC, you come into a gorgeous space filled with hardwood floors, lockers, a ring, and boxing equipment. You could feel the presence and history of the many people who had trained there. Once you head down a long and narrow tunnel-like hallway, you find yourself in a large open space, where we rolled out some mats to get ready for the event!


We had GuardLab come down for 3D scans for custom mouth guards, and our friend Julia came out with a massage table, and provided free 10 minute sessions! We had an incredible giveaway, with items from Superare, Monkey Tape, Rolling Society, and Bolo Brand. Julia also raffled off a free 45 minute session with her, and Luxe & Co was in the house giving away some awesome T-Shirts!


The attendance was great, the prizes were numerous, the massage therapist was awesome, the rolling was fun, and the vibes, oh the vibes were off the charts!


Thanks again to everyone who came out, participated, supported, and had a good time with their family and friends. We love seeing you guys make even more friends at our event, and we consider you all family. We love seeing the smiles on people’s faces at SRC!


Usually, we write a little bit more about the event and what went into it, but we’re busy planning for SRC 52 in TriBeCa - our follow up Manhattan event. We’re looking to make it even better than last weekend! We’re going to have a special demo, and a surprise contest for you guys to enjoy watching!


See you then!

- The Secret Roll Club 



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