Secret Roll Club // Behind The Scenes // March '17
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Secret Roll Club // Behind The Scenes // March '17

Posted on March 11 2017

What's Next for SRC in March?

We had such a great time at our last event in January! It was our first time doing an event in Queens, NYC at The Dojo NYC and the turnout was incredible. We had people from all 5 boroughs come out, roll, and have a great time. Shout out to the Bronx, who rolled deep to the event with a whole crew and showed some serious love! (We see you)!

After the event, the SRC team sat down to ask:
"What's next for us? How can we make these events bigger and better?"

We took the month of February to hustle hard and carefully plan out the rest of the year. Several dojos reached out to us to do events, we added a couple of new SRC Ambassadors to the roster, and we met with several brands to partner up with for 2017 - all a part of our continuing effort to provide a better experience.

We knew that we wanted our next event to be someplace entirely different, outside of NY, to spread the SRC movement. So we decided to plan our March event (SRC 50) at one of the schools that reached out to us, in Hoboken. They were very friendly, open, and excited to host an event! It was a perfect match.

We had a place set, so next we looked at improving our giveaways. Our good friend Gi Tak over at VHTS reached out to us about becoming a sponsor. Their gear at the SRC 49 giveaway was a hit, so this was a no brainer. We met with him, hashed out the details, and ended up not only planning to have them sponsor a giveaway, but also drop their newest gi at SRC 50 in Hoboken!

We knew that for number 50 we had to go big - we wanted to have not just one brand to sponsor the giveaway, but two! We began talks with Superare Fight Shop (The Fight Shop formerly known as East Coast MMA), to have them sponsor the event as well, and they were excited to work with us and have some of their gear at the event for the giveaway. 

We had also been going back and forth with Queens of The Mat, currently based out of Ohio, who hosts quarterly Women's Only Open mats. We like their vibe and reached out to them on twitter. We knew we wanted to start doing Women Only events, and after picking their brains over the course of a few weeks, we came up with Queens of SRC (we totally didn't copy them or anything... we were just inspired, and got their blessing). Plus, to show their support, they shipped us some patches to giveaway at our first Queens of SRC!

SRC Ambassador Erik pointed out that March was women's history month, so we really wanted to launch our first Women Only open mat in March to celebrate. We knew the only way we could make SRC 50 bigger and better was to have not just one, but two open mats. So we planned to launch our first Queens of SRC Women Only open mat at SRC 50, have another giveaway just for the ladies, and have it go on before the co-ed event - plus tell all the women they could stay for the second open mat session for free!

We found an all new location, partnered up with two awesome brands, planned to have VHTS drop a new gi at SRC 50, plus we were having 2 open mats - one for women only - and 2 giveaways!

And again, we asked ourselves "what else can we do?" 

Well...that's a secret for now. You'll have to wait until the event to find out.

Once we had all the details set, we started our promotion for the event. The SRC Creative Team came up with some cool flyers for the event, highlighting our new location, sponsors, and our new Queens of SRC program.

They also came out with some amazing video content, using footage from our last event, and some awesome beats! If you haven't seen any of the videos yet, definitely check them out on our YouTube Channel!

Next Up for SRC is SRC 50 // Hoboken, NJ.
There's only 2 weeks left, and you can sign up here if you haven't already.

We hope we cross paths, and get some fun rolls in with you.

See you on the mats.

/// The World Is Our Dojo /// 


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