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The Dojo NYC - Ridgewood, Queens

Posted on January 24 2017

The Dojo NYC is a great dojo located in Ridgewood, Queens, right on the border of Queens and Brooklyn in NYC. The main instructors are Luis Martinez, a black belt under Israel Gomez, and Gabriel Marte, a brown belt in jiu-jitsu, with experience in many other martial arts, including Muay-Thai and Eskrima. Formerly American Killer Bees, The Dojo NYC is still affiliated with the American Killer Bees.

When a couple of the SRC Ambassadors went to check out the spot, we were welcomed with open arms by Gabriel, and allowed to train with Gabe and his students. It was a nice mix of newer students, as well as blue and a number of purple belts. Everyone was welcoming, and fun to roll with!

We absolutely love the inside of the dojo. They have cool paintings hanging on the walls, nice deco, and a cool black belt painted above the front desk. Plus Gabe told us they were making some cool renovations, and a backyard area would be coming soon. Muay-Thai or jiu-jitsu outside? Yes, please!

The Dojo has some really cool programs. Their jiu-jitsu program has Gi & No Gi, beginner and advanced classes, as well as drilling classes and a competition class. Plus, they have Muay-Thai, strength and conditioning classes, and a Judo class every weekend. And they do a free open mat on Sundays! (That's right, free! Anyone from any school can drop by for some killer training!)

We had a great time doing an SRC event there! It's a dope spot with dope people, so if you're in the neighborhood, go check them out and get some training in! 

Check out The Dojo NYC here!


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