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Pit TKO Deo

Posted on December 11 2016

Pit TKO Deodorant was started by our good friend Jay Mac. Jay is very conscious about what goes into his body, like food, supplements, etc. He also started to watch what he put on his body. Many deodorants and anti-persperants have chemicals that aren't good for your skin, or your health, and can lead to problems down the road.

He set out to find an all natural deodorant, but found none that held up to how active a lifestyle he led, and his rigorous training schedule. To solve this problem, he came up with Pit TKO Deo

He spent a couple of years playing around with scents and all natural components to find the right combinations. Pit TKO brought some samples of their products to our seminar with Abraham Marte. I grabbed a deodorant and used it right before the seminar, and it held up well for the entire 3 hours of training. I smelled so good, I couldn't believe it!

As a user of all natural deodorants myself, it's hard to find one effective for training 2-3 times per day. I have to constantly re-apply it throughout the day even if I'm not training (pretty rare). Pit TKO is unique in that its free from GMO ingredients, aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol (anti-freeze common in most deodorants. That goes in our armpits?), and uses all natural ingredients like shea butter and tea tree oil, combined with essential oils for a combination of funk fighting ingredients, and smell-good scents.

Bonus: Their deodorants are super smooth, and they have cool beard oils!

Check out Pit TKO here!


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