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Masterskya - Bushwick, Brooklyn

Posted on December 13 2016

Masterskya is a nice Dojo located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is run by Alex Ecklin, a Vitor Shaolin Black Belt. It is a nice sized mat space, and can comfortably fit 8-10 pairs of people rolling comfortably. We packed a lot more than that (over 45 people) at our SRC 48 open mat.

Masterskya is unique in that it is a donation based jiu-jitsu school. Frustrated by schools (sound familiar?) that had expensive monthly dues, contracts, and other financial hassles, Alex decided to turn his experience into a positive one for others by running a program entirely reliant on students' donations.

There are no contracts, no signup fees, and there isn't even a monthly membership - the closest you'll find are Masterskya's suggested Donations: $10 per class, $100 per month, $1,000 per year, and $5,000 for a lifetime of training. That's the simplest pricing scale we've ever seen.

On top of Alex's vision of shaking up the common practices of jiu-jitsu schools, a vision we share, another thing that drew us to his school is that his address isn't listed on his website. In fact, a google search will render you zero results of what you're looking for. You would be hard pressed to find the address on the internet. Masterskya has everyone interested in training send them an email and have a personal conversation before they are sent the address. (Secret Location? Of course we did an SRC here!)

We would tell you where it is, but we're sworn to secrecy. If you train in NYC, you should definitely stop by. If you're passing through or visiting NYC, we also suggest you stop by. And with a suggested donation of $10, you'd be hard pressed to find legit training anywhere else in the city even close to that price.

Alex is a very laid back instructor, with a very methodical teaching style, and likes to spruce things up with a little fun. The first time we dropped in, he surprised us with Sumo Friday. If you've been there before, feel free to drop a comment and tell us about your experience!

Check out Masterskya here!



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